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Arduino Controlled Pressure Chamber

I developed an Arduino controlled pressure chamber for quality assurance testing that could withstand over 3000 PSI. The pressure chamber contained a physical UI allowing the user to set the pressure, number of cycles, and time to run autonomously.

A previous engineer designed a similar device, but it lacked a number of features which increased the time required to use it. Working with the engineer, I realized allowing the user to control different variables such as pressure and time to run would allow the device to run interrupted for longer periods of time. In addition, I opted for bolts to hold the chamber together, as opposed to a hydraulic press in the previous design, to reduce its bulk.

I was responsible for every aspect of the device. I started with a design in Solidworks,which I then converted to gCode using HSM Works. I machined the part using a Haas Mini Mill and Prototrak. Since a high pressure seal was needed, the faces creating the seal were faced and sanded flat using a surface stone. After the device was constructed, I designed a user interface board so the pressure chamber could be controlled independent of a computer. The control board, in addition to solenoids and the power supply, were wired to the Arduino, which I programmed to accept the user input and control the pressure chamber.

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