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Krengel Manufacturing

CMM Fixture

During the quality control process a CMM is used to check critical dimensions. With each part that is checked a large portion of the overall time is dedicated to establishing the origin on the part. I worked with the quality control engineer to develop a fixture that locates the parts within the CMM machine. The engineers can create a permanent origin on this fixture, which eliminates the need to establish an origin each time. In addition, the fixture works with three different commonly manufactured parts, making it a versatile solution.

Go-No-Go Jig

I developed a go-no-go tool in Siemens NX to check a critical dimension on the factory floor. The exact dimensions of the cast parts I was working with varied depending on the pressure the factory worker used in the die casting process and general wear in the casting slide. In order to ensure a critical, but challenging to measure dimension remained within spec, I worked with the floor managers to develop a simple go-no-go tool. The tool allows a worker to check if the dimension is within spec in under a minute, reducing the number of faulty parts.

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